Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Linux and Is it too Hard to Use?

Why Linux and Is it too Hard to Use?

Linux is a free operating system invented by a computer scientist named Linus Torvald. Linux is what is known as an "open source" operating system. The programming is done by many programmers who get together and share their work with each other. Their are over 400 different flavors of Linux based on the original design. As opposed to Windows Linux is free for anyone to download and install on as many computers as one wishes. One of the newest and easiest to learn is known as UBUNTU version 8.0.4. It can do anything that Windows XP can do as far as browsing sites like, burning dvds, playing movies and internet radio.

One of the best reasons to use Linux is that their is no need for antivirus or antispyware software. The operating system is "bulletproof". Security software in Windows tends to use up alot of system memory and cpu time that could otherwise be used for programs.

More later on this subject.

-Earl Wallace

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Rob Scott (ub3rg33k) said...

ubuntu 10.10 is so great i stopped getting new versions.