Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Open Letter to Our Ex-President George Bush

We on the staff Of the Ketchup Kronicle would like to state how proud we are of the condition you have left our country. So wonderful is the sound of ching, ching going into your oil business at the expense of this country's citizens, especially our young men who in their well meaning minds continue to insist on going over to shoot the ragheads. We feel so protected because your secret surveillance on us citizens makes us feel safe cause you know what we are doing and saying. If we are to destroy the terrorist threat why did you tell AT&T and Verizon and the other telecoms to please send all conversations thru the NSA first before going to the person we were calling. Do you really need to be able to track my grandmother's cell phone in case she proves to be a traitor.

Aw come on Sir! Who are you kidding? Your administration has watered down our Constitutional rights where a murderer stands a better chance in the courts as far as doing time in prison than a tax evader. Are you having a good laugh at raising our gas prices so your oil business can prosper beyond the limits of evil human greed?

We elected you to the highest office in the land and you repay us with the worst political incompetence since the Three Stooges ran for Mayor of Mayberry..
-The Editors