Sunday, October 5, 2008

Product Review, Telephone Service

Product Review, Telephone Service

I have been trying out a new product called the "MagicJack" internet telephone device. It looks like a USB thumbrive 1"x2"x:3/8" with a usb plugin at one end and a regular telephone jack in the other end. It comes with built in software which executes when the Magic Jack is pluged into the computer. I have been following the inventor/entrepreneur for the last year keeping up with his business plan. He sells this device on his website

I plunked down $46 dollars from my debit card and ordered it. Of the $46.00 twenty of it is for the Magicjack itself, $20.00 for a years unlimited calls both local and long distance. There are no "hidden" extras to purchase at anytime. Each following year its 19.00 , yes 19.00!

I am not making any money off of this article nor provided with any free product. I received the Magic Jack in just three days. I plugged it into my pc and the software came right up. After estabishing a simple signup I got my local phone number and was up and running in 15 minutes.

If you go to any other computer in any state where their is a a broadband connection you will have your home phone with you. The call clarity I have found to be excellent along with the voice mail and other services that are ordinarily offered by land line and cell companies. The only drawback one could say is that the computer would have to stay on all the time. No big thing, use the phone when the computer is on. I do not have a problem with that scenario, just get an old laptop or desktop and hook it to the internet! Magicjack even offers 911 service.

Dollar for dollar telephone service for 19 bucks a year. Not a crazy offer.

-Earl Wallace

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rob scott (ub3rg33k)_ said...

i also have this product in canada, great service and the price can't be beat.