Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Rutherford Blogger

The Rutherford Blogger

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Rogue Elephant hit and run on Pea Ridge Road

Sad news today for local Republican party mascot, Rutho the elephant. Deputies happened upon the elephant's carcass approximately 3:00 am Saturday morning. Since there were not any witnesses 5 wreckers were summoned to the scene to try to remove the elephant from the roadway. Upon lifting the elephant deputies found a flattened moped with a flattened chimpanzee attached. Local SPCA lawyers deny any alcohol use nor did the chimp have any previous DWI's.

If anyone knows any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator is asked to call Lazy 'EYE's Animal Ranch or myself here at the Rutherford Blogger. No democrats have yet to be brought in For Questioning.

FBI Releases all Files Kept on Martin Luther King.

Hello and how is everyone in this fair county today. One of the most famous laws passed in the latter third of the last century was the Freedom of Information Act. Any citizen could petition the government for a copy of any documents not listed as classified. This law's intent was to keep the Government honest. Too bad our "honest" government takes months to years to hand over requested documents as of recent. Today the Feds released all notes and documents that were kept on King during his public life. You may download all or part of these documents from the link below. They are in a zip archive format. Just click on any file and it will download automatically.

Click on this Link For Access to the Documents.

This is my first blog post here on the Ketchup Kronicle. First I would like to thank Earl Wallace for the privilege to share my thoughts and experiences living here in Rutherford County. Perhaps you have seen me in Wal Mart or hanging out at that drug store downtown.

My family settled here in 1385 A.D. and we are the descendants of Leif Erickson the Norwegian seafaring explorer who landed on the north shores of the Canadian Atlantic Ocean. I can fully understand if my readers flatly refuse to believe my family origins. I will try to expand on these statements in further blogposts.

One of the public services I would like to provide is to publish any rumors about possible new industry locating to Rutherford county. Please use the email contact form below to email us your information for publishing in this blog.

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