Sunday, October 5, 2008

The New Neighbor Corner

The New Neighbor Corner

Ain't it Grand! They live amongst us quietly and without fanfare so as to keep a low profile.

If you lived in a mud hut without running water and sewer facilities would you not flee to this area?

Well heck yeah! "These gullible Americans just give us everything; Food

stamps, education, welfare money, free car insurance etc."

Is it not strange that we allow our government to continue to let the vast majority of these

"dear illegals" into the country despite the public outcry?

We could even be led to think that our government does not care what the citizens want so we continue to look the other way.

It appears that this situation proves that we are allowing the government to continue taking away our freedom.

Yes, Yes, they work cheap and do the jobs others dont want to perform.

Lets see; they work for minimum wage and are "good workers". So when you add the food

stamps, free hospitalization and all the other handouts in a lot of cases they are making the

same or even more than the average citizen.

Are we citizens "cutting off our nose" to spite our face?

Can we not play the "Deportation Song"?

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-Earl Wallace

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