Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lets Get Rid Of Them All!

Well Hello Folks Of Rutherford County!

Just think! Ain't it Grand! Rutherford County will soon have 18 % unemployment!

Hey folks I dont know if more than 4 people in the county read this blog but one year ago I wrote an article about the powers that be that were responsible for this county's unemployment.

Well todays problems are yesterday's greed. Many of our citizens know the people behind the corruption over the past years regarding keeping out new industry because the then mill owners would have to pay us citizens more money. Now I understand that the present state of the economy is not totally centered from this county's business mens' past actions.

Lets just ponder for a moment though.....if the support companies for BMW and the other industries that wanted to settle here but instead were run off had beeen allowed to come here what would life be like now here in Rutherford County? Okay Dorothy lets click them heels!

It would be a WHOLE lot better than now!
You crooks who left this county in economic shambles will be judged accordingly in the court of God Himself! Sorry guys no pity here cause I do not know if you crooks have heard this scripture: "It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God!".

My fellow citizens, you know who these scoundrels are and vote them out of any public office that they may inhabit for if we the citizens do not take responsibility with our Constitutional rights to vote then the problems we have today will continue on tommorow.

-The Rutherford Rodent