Sunday, January 6, 2008


As the New Year continues to unfold one wonders how many circumstances will continue to change our view of the world around us.

The Iphone continues to defraud its purchasers with its built in battery (The Iphone has to be sent back to replace it.)

With Obama clinching the Iowa caucases one wonders if his muslim upbringing will become an issue in the upcoming elections. One nation under Allah?

It appears that unemployment is continuing to increase along with the stock market decline increasing the reality of a major recession around the corner. The fear of losing one's job hovers over many, decreasing the faith in the capitlalistic system of our culture today. Our " Chinese imported crap" complaint was fostered by US Corporations not the Chinese.

The media will continue to provide free sex education through movies, tv and our school classrooms(whether parents like it or not). It appears to the media that our citizens do not know or even heard of this subject. What a great public service. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Disappointment comes to us in many ways.
Zero expectations equals Zero disappointment .

Trust your "gut" feelings about all incoming information. It's a great tool to decrease life choice's indecisions.

Gossip kills but oh the buzz it brings to ones ego. It really feels good to "help" the victim by analysing his/her character defects with another person. Some helpful guidelines in better gossiping are:
A. Is it true?
B. Will it help them?
C. Is it necessary ?
D. Would it be better to tell the victim directly?
E. Does one feel guilty afterwards?

Resolutions are worthless unless one uses a daily plan of attack. Will power is useless. Look back to other resolutions in the past.
Try this.
A. Use your Higher Power if you have one. Otherwise instruct your subconscience verbally to control whatever causes the subject of the resolution to surface today.
B. When you successfuly see a change during the day say "thank you" verbally to yourself or your Higher power.
C. Before retiring for the night consider today's progress. No grades are to be assigned; this is not pass/fail. If any guilt arises just forgive yourself. Success is only measured in progress not perfection.

- Earl Wallace

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