Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year Blues

This the New Year comes and goes let us remember that delusion blankets the natural wisdom of the mind .

There is no peace in believing that people, places and things can be controlled by one's own will.
This New Year will only see more tragic human misery and natural catastrophic events.
Life is not fair and it is difficult. Its has always been that way. How can it not?
Lets accept life on life's terms. Humanity is powerless over this phenomenon.
Look for power outside oneself. A Higher power of our own understanding.
The peace of the heart and mind will come to us if we inquire of This Higher Power for the Strength to accept our powerlessness.
One day at a Time. How this phrase seems so mundane.
Every new day opens as if a curtain of a great Opera one can conduct.
Listen to the gentle music playing by the still waters of the soul stopping in a moment in time to see the wonder of creation. -Earl Wallace

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your poignebt cynacisms sir, yet all is yet to be fortold-
Eric Smatterly